Advance Level Culinary Training:
Facilitated by Certified Mexican Chef


Thematic Areas of Advanced Culinary Training:

Topic 1: Food Safety

1.1.- Food Safety and Hygiene

1.2.- Pathogens 

1.3.- Allergies

1.4.- Adequate Temperatures for Foods

1.5.- Importance of Seafood Products

1.6.- Most important points of HACCP. (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) 

Topic 2:  Food Costs

2.1- Description of Costs

2.2.- Budget Management

2.3.- Situations that affect costs

2.4.- Kitchen waste management

2.5.- Safe costs

Topic 3: Cutting-Edge Cuisine and Textures

3.1.- Textures with additives and Textures without additives

3.2.- Basic Molecular Cooking Techniques

3.3.- Signature Cuisine 

3.4.- Plating Techniques 

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