As the current chair of the Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage, BTIA continues to encourage Belizeans to exercise their right to a free and open democracy. Today has proven a true success and we anticipate positive responses as the the day progresses.

“The dynamic demographics that has been approaching the polling stations this morning, is a representation that Belizeans irrespective of political affiliation, are united to voice that our natural heritage must be respected for future generations to come, to whom ever forms the next Government” said Executive Director, Efren Perez

Although there are some mischievous fanatics that are trying to discredit the process today, we encourage Belizeans to look beyond the party colors as this is not a political process but a national issue that will continue even when our People’s referendum is over today.

We applaud the courage of our Belizeans for their support and for standing up today to exercise their right to a true democracy.

We would also like to make a correction to the advertised polling station address for the BTIA Headquarters in Belize City as a Cork Street Address to 10 North Park Street, Belize City in-front of Memorial Park.