The BTIA will be reviewing the process presented and state its official position with comments and recommendations. Our members made it clear that we support the works and efforts of the DOE and are in support of environmental compliance requirements for the most part. The Secretariat and its members in attendance expressed their main concerns about the additional costs to stakeholders and the presence of another tedious process. The cost and process of conducting business in Belize continuous to become a more challenging environment more specifically for small and medium businesses.

In conclusion the DOE stated the following:

  1. The front cover letter will be edited (specifically the section stating the preparation of EIA).
  2. Hotels under nine (9) rooms will be given No objection/registration of facility once the necessary documentation is provided
  3. This process will be a once in a lifetime (unless new additions above 50% percent are made).
  4. Considerations are been given to the reduction of processing (application) fee.
  5. A timeline with grace periods for compliance will be created.
  6. Destination visits will be conducted by DOE and BTIA (if necessary).
  7. BTIA comments and recommendations will be taken into consideration.

We will keep our members informed was we continue to advocate for the best interests of the industry and our members.