BTIA would like to welcome Resource Recovery Recycling Ltd. as a member and Platinum Sponsor. The Belizean owned and managed company offers recycling services out of Ladyville. The solid waste disposal rules in Belize is rapidly changing with the new landfill going live in the near future. But up to 75% of the garbage going to the landfill is recyclables.

The problem up to now has been the logistical connection between the waste producers and the recycling market. – In other words: We know that a lot of you would like to recycle but don’t have a solution for what to do with the recyclables.

BTIA has been working on a concept for a countrywide recycling network in the past weeks. We will establish an economically self-sustaining recycling network in the next months, starting with plastic recycling. At the moment, we are seeking funding for investments – containers for collecting and moving the recyclables, plastic balers to process the plastic. As soon as funding is available, we will establish collection sites across the country where Recycling Network participants can drop off their recyclables.

We are also looking into ways to provide local glass recycling for participants. Plastic will go to buyers in Asia, India or the US where it will be used to make new food containers, clothing, etc. – no recyclables will be burned or buried in Belize.
All proceeds will be used to fund the running and expansion of the network.

Once the network is operational, participants will receive a certificate from BTIA for their responsible recycling to be used in marketing.

We will keep you updated through our letter from the ED. If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.