On November 1, 2011 we successfully launched the all new Destination Belize 2012.

The magazine – the #1 information collateral used at tourism trade shows and within Belize – received a full makeover. The publishing was for the first time done completely in Belize with a focus on telling the stories of Belize and the experiences of travelers and those who came to stay. The cover focuses on 2012 as the end of the mayan calendar and asks the reader: “2012 – Where will you be when the world begins anew?”

There will be 60,000 copies of destination Belize that will be distributed amongst our membership in the next weeks.

For the first time in its history, the magazine Destination Belize is a part of an integrated multimedia approach:

  • You can read the magazine online in entirety at http://www.destinationbelize.com.
  • An ipad app will be available in the apple app store shortly.
  • There are also CD-Roms available with the online version of the magazine to read.
  • Selected advertisers received professional marketing videos as part of their package. Those videos are integrated and can be viewed at http://www.destinationbelize.tv.
  • The magazine is closely linked with the website which boasts interactive maps and diagrams.
We are currently working hard on getting the magazine out to our members to get this tourism season started with the placement of Destination Belize 2012.