The Development Finance Corporation (DFC) made the official announcement on Thursday, 30th July regarding the special financing program that will be made available to the tourism sector.  The Belize Tourism Industry Association and 2nd Vice-President Stewart Krohn were recognized as the key lobbyist for the program. 

In early June the BTIA conducted an Economic Impact Assessment Survey and the findings were discussed with the Senior Management of DFC which led to the development of this special program.  This financing program is focused on the recovery of Belize’s tourism sector through the provision of working capital credits to facilitate continued operations and preparation for reopening of businesses that have been adversely impacted by the COVID19 pandemic.

For additional details, you can click here  We recommend that you visit a DFC office near you to schedule a meeting and to learn about the special terms and conditions of the financing program.

A. Covid-19 Unemployment Relief and Micro Small and Medium Program (MSME)

The Government of Belize through it various departments has approved the launch of the Phase Two Unemployment Relief and MSME program.  You can read the official press release here:  (Press Release)  To apply and for more information about the program, please visit this official page: 

B. COVID-19 Liability Waiver Webinars

In response to many inquiries regarding liability and insurance concerns about COVID-19 and its impacts and potential lawsuits, we recommend that you listen to the following webinars:   

a.   Jerry Hamilton COVID19 Law webinar

b. CHTA Risk Management: Liability Waivers in a COVID19 World webinar

Feel free to contact the Executive Director for additional information via WhatsApp: (501) 621-4999 or via email: