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La Milpa Lodge and Research Center

/La Milpa Lodge and Research Center
La Milpa Lodge and Research Center
About Us

Welcome to La Milpa Lodge! La Milpa is nestled deep in the forests of northwestern Belize and is known for the third largest archaeological site in Belize which is located three miles away from the Lodge. The La Milpa Archaeological Site is only one of at least sixty other archaeological sites found on the Rio Bravo. Serving as a base for two long-term archaeological projects, La Milpa Archaeological Site has evolved as the center of archaeological research. Guests visiting the La Milpa Lodge experience firsthand the rich history of the Maya Civilization and in 1996, the site received international recognition when a royal Maya tomb was found and a male skeleton adorned with a jeweled necklace was unearthed on its grounds.  The La Milpa site is only one of 60 Mayan sites found in the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area.

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