First Aid / CPR training is very interactive and hands on, which will cover a total of 8 topics, each topic is divided into 3 categories, 1. General information, 2. A video segment and 3. Skills sessions.  Sessions will include the following:

Lesson 1: Before Giving Care                                              

Lesson 2 :CPR

Lesson 3: Breathing Emergencies

Lesson 4: Sudden Illnesses

Lesson 5 : Environmental Illnesses

Lesson 6: Soft Tissue Injuries

 Lesson 7: Injuries to Muscles Bones and Joints

Training starts at 8:30am, lunch break is from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm resume training at 1 and should finish around 4:00 pm depending on the progress of the participants.   Contact us at or 227-1144 for training dates 2019!