As part of the BTIA’s cohesive action plan and responsibility of enhancing the visitor experience, the BTIA has embarked in offering tourism training programs/ opportunities to its members on an annual basis. Each Destination chapter provides a listing of the specific areas in which training is needed for the development of the destination.

2019 Training Schedule 

A series of trainings will be offered to BTIA members in partnership with the Mexican Embassy. Training course to  to be offered are as follows:

  • Customer Service- Directed to staff in direct contact with tourists
  • Housekeeping- Directed to staff working in housekeeping service
  • Culinary Training- Directed to staff in contact or in charge of food preparation
  • Bar Tending – Directed to staff working in preparation and serving of beverages/drinks



Feel free to Contact our National Office at 227-1144 or for more information on dates and destinations.