Welcome to June!  As the country continues to relax the State of Emergency measures, we want to encourage you to continue offering special packages to local travelers.  Lobster season is near and that should present some business opportunities to stakeholders located in the Cayes and coastal areas, we all love lobster!

Our members have expressed their concerns about a July 1st opening of the Phillip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) many are in favor and many are against.  It’s a decision of life and death.  The health impacts have been in our favor over the last three months in comparison to neighboring countries (Mexico & Guatemala) and our primary tourism markets (USA & Europe).   The economic impacts and losses keep increasing by the day, businesses are being forced to closed down, which is leading to an increase in unemployment.  We can acknowledge the very good job the Prime Minister and the members of the National Oversight Committee have been doing thus far.  We must trust that they will make the right decision for when will be the most suitable date to open PGIA and Borders.  The Government of Belize (GOB) will need to provide the necessary support to the business community to survive the economic impact which leads to increase in unemployment.

Please take note of the following:

The BTIA has been working on identifying the needs of our members and the support needed to survive and recover from the negative economic impact of the pandemic. The BTIA presented a Position Paper presented to the Development Finance Corporation about financing opportunity for the tourism sector.  We have stated that this is only one of the methods that GOB can assist the tourism private sector. CLICK HERE TO VIEW POSITION PAPER PRESENTED. 

✓ We encourage you to look at the FEDECATUR\CATA TripAdvisor Webinar held on Wednesday, 27th May on the topic – “CURRENT TOURISM TRENDS: TRIPADVISOR X CATA”. You can see on this FaceBook Link: https://www.facebook.com/catacentroamerica/ and/or YouTube video:  


I will be sharing a weekly report to all members and tourism stakeholders.  Feel free to contact me via WhatsApp: (501) 621-4999 or via email: execdirector@btia.org.

Yours in Sustainable Tourism,

John M. Burgos
Executive Director