Local travelers are being allowed to travel and to enjoy the many destinations and attractions that Belize and the various properties have to offer by keeping Belize COVID-19 FREE.  We must congratulate the Government of Belize, all the members of the National Oversight Committee and all Belizeans for following the measures stated by the SI under the State of Emergency to prevent the virus from spreading.

We continue working on your behalf to ensure that Belize and the tourism industry can promote a speedy recovery by requesting that a suitable Recovery Plan to be developed and implemented by the Government of Belize for 2020 and beyond.  Please share any specific recommendations that you may want for us to share with the Government of Belize.

Please take note of the following:

✓ Executive Committee of the BTIA held a meeting with the Labour Commissioner to discuss the revised laws due to  COVID-19 and the SoE measures in place. Click HERE to see in detail the main items discussed.  The Labour Commissioner remains available to the BTIA and its members to answer any question.  BTIA can also schedule a Zoom meeting session if needed per destination.

✓ Mr. Raineldo Guerrero and Mr. John M. Burgos represented the BTIA on the  virtual meeting held by the Belize Network of NGOs (BNN) on Tuesday, 12th May from 10:30am-12noon.  Mr. Andre Carrillo, the official BNN rep on the National Oversight Committee shared insightful details pertaining to his representation on the National Oversight Committee.  We were pleased to know that the interests of the tourism sector are presented.

✓The Economic Development Council (EDC) lead by its Executive Director Mr.  Ishmael Quiroz will be including BTIA recommendations within the EDC Sector mapping that will look at major constraints, strategies, key considerations and responsible entities for the recovery and long term resiliency plan for the tourism industry.

✓Please tune in to Open Your Eyes morning show this Thursday, 21st May at 7:30  a.m., it  will feature BTIA’s Executive Director, John M. Burgos.  He will be speaking about the future of the tourism industry and state recommendations for a Recovery Plan.

I will be sharing a weekly report to all members and tourism stakeholders.  Feel free to contact me via WhatsApp: (501) 621-4999 or via email: execdirector@btia.org.

Yours in Sustainable Tourism,

John M. Burgos
Executive Director