The BTIA San Pedro Chapter would like to thank everyone for attending  FOR THE LOVE OF SAN PEDRO public meeting last Thursday night.

The goal of the meeting was to bring the community together for the greater good of San Pedro while sharing ideas and solutions through selected island residents who represent the wide demographics of our island community and invited government officials.

Although every single person deserves to be heard, for the sake of civility and time we decided against an open mic forum. Instead, they provided index cards where comments and concerns could be left in designated boxes. They are now compiling these comments into categories, determining the level of priority and working on how to address them best.

Initially, the consensus, to name a few, and in no particular order include:
• More tourism police who are funded in part by taxes collected by the BTB
• More uniformed policemen ON PATROL
• Police substations manned 24/7
• A more cooperative demeanor from police when reporting a crime
• Better housing and better pay for police
• A manifest on water taxis
• Better procedural training for our police so they are more successful when prosecuting criminals
• A more accountable Magistrate

They are also happy to report on the rapid response to a letter SP BTIA sent to the Ministry of National Security on June 3rd. Please see letter attached.

On Tuesday, June 5th, a small group of SP BTIA members and Town Council members met with Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of National Security – George Lovell, Commissioner of Police – Allen Whylie, Deputy Commissioner of Police – Chester Williams, Officer in Charge of Coastal Executive Unit – Superintendent Henry Jemmott and San Pedro Town Mayor Daniel Guerrero to discuss the same issues that are listed above, and many solutions were identified with plans for implementation. We were assured time and again that the GOB is very concerned about the safety issues on San Pedro and the consequences it can have on our residents and the tourism industry.

A second meeting was held the same day with Deputy Commissioner of Police – Chester Williams, Officer in Charge of Coastal Executive Unit – Superintendent Henry Jemmott and several SP BTIA members to discuss the strategic placement of security cameras throughout the area.

The SP BTIA will continue to work closely with the Ministry of National Security and the new Officer in Charge of SP who takes command the first week of July.

They will keep the community informed of their future plans and how they ALL can be a part of the solution.


Tamara Sniffin

BTIA San Pedro Chairday