Why is Chocolate Festival Celebrated?

Get acquainted with the once “Heartland of the Maya”, Belize.

Did you know that cacao (the raw form of chocolate) was considered gold for this ancient Maya community? The ancient Maya also used cacao (primarily) for trading purposes (currency). Learn more about the traditional techniques that contributes to the rich and distinctive taste of Belizean chocolate products, a palate that is recognizable throughout the world!


Why you shouldn’t miss it?

Chocolate Festival of Belize 2014” is the ultimate chocolate-lover and foodie three-day event. On May 23rd – 25th, 2017, don’t miss the chance to savor decadent (local) chocolate and cacao inspired deserts and dishes of Belize. Share in the homage of Belize’s Ancient Maya culture, while immersing in this traditional and festive chocolate extravaganza.